Pir Shalyar Ceremony

Pir Shalyar Ceremony

Pir Shalyar Ceremony is held annually twice in the village of Uraman Takht of Kurdistan, in the spring and winter and the wedding of “Pir Shalyar” is celebrated in three days. The tomb of Pir Shalyar, who was a priest and student of Abdul Qader Gilani, is located at the end of the Uraman road. The ceremony involves the sacrifice of livestocks, playing Daf, traditional dance, eating, evening party, and reading poetry and pray.

Pir Shalyar Ceremony         Pir Shalyar Ceremony

In the myth of the people of the region of Uraman Takht, there is an old man called Pir Shalyar, who had miraculous power. Among the strange miracles that narrates about him is the story of healing of the “princess Bahar Khatun” the princess of Bukhara. After Pir Shalyar heals the beloved princess, who was deaf-mute, the king orders preparation of marriage ceremony of Bahar Khatun princess and Pir Shalyar, as a sign of gratitude to Pir Shalyar.People celebrate a great wedding party for Pir hsalayar and Bahar Khatun. The ceremony held today is the anniversary of the same day.

Pir Shalyar Ceremony

The ceremony starts on Wednesday and it lasts three days. From the very first morning of the first day, livestock is brought to the house of Pirhsalayar to be slaughtered by the custodians. After slaughter, a portion of the meat is distributed as a consecration among the people. At 2:00 pm, the ceremony begins, and young people and elders make up a large chain and present their alliance and solidarity. During this dance of happiness (which is also a mystical dance), some people play Daf and some other sing about the Prophet and etc. During these three days, the people of Uraman Takht close all their work and they only spend their time at this ancient feast.

The meal of the ceremony is the same food that was backed 950 years ago at the Pir Shalyar Wedding ceremony.

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