Pirgel is a Mud Volcano in in the province of Sistan and Balochistan close to the khash city, southeastern of Iran. Pirgel, with an elevation of 1,653 m between Taftan Mountains, presents an unparalleled example of the creation in this area.

Mud volcano is an interesting and exciting phenomenon which thrown out mud from the heart of the ground, through the sea tide.

Shahr-e Sukhteh        Shahr-e Sukhteh

The 3-hectare area covered with guise of clay and marl, without any greenery and vegetation around, unique and stand-alone near the coast of the open sea, have a beautiful view of the geographical condition.

Pirgel is the name of the famous mud volcano of Khash city. The soil of its margin, which is cracked, dried and semi-arid, fragmented, with a color similar to Kaolin (yellow soil), gives a beautiful stain to the space between the Taftan mountains.

Shahr-e Sukhteh

Hossein Asgari, expert of the Sistan and Baluchestan Environment Agency, says about Pirgel mud volcano: “In the Taftan mountainous region, a mud volcano with altitude of 1653 meters above sea level has been raised, and no animal or plant is visible in the area of 3 hectares aroun it.

This natural attraction is unique in the world and tourists can be attracted from anywhere in the world to watch this phenomenon”. Khash, which contains attractive wildlife, has yet to be recognized and invested in attracting tourists.


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