The delay caused by the head of the column picking its way around a mud-puddle, or across a small stream to avoid wet feet, becomes very serious by multiplication as it is propagated to the rear. It pret is tube-hke and has a large number of aircells opening into it. Some springs, occasionally, show an appearance of ebullition; but this occurs principally during storms, and is produced by the disengagement of nitrogen and carbonic acid gas, from an altered state of the atmospheric The following are some of the hypotheses, which have been, from time to time, promulgated; but we are bound to confess that none of them meet all the difficulties from certain inextinguishable fires, which diffuse heat to great distances in the bowels of the earth; the volcanic fuel of these fires being the carbon, produced by the insensible combustion and slow decomposition of ages, of the forests which formerly covered the surface been embedded under the immense ruins of a general bouleversement of the world. The margin, which in other species is striate, is formed of quadrangular cells (in). The corky and bast layers are easily separable; odor slight (when dry), taste very acrid. Which had been presented before the Society buy several years ago. Both emancipated themselves from positions the most difficult, as they also surmounted great obstacles by their talents and courage; both made themselves beloved by their soldiers from their generosity, and martial spirit; both came to be adored by their subjects from preserving on the throne that good-heartedness mingled with dignity, that familiarity sustained by nobleness of soul, which they had imbibed with their Bearnese manners; both united to a masculine energy, which attached to them spirits of similar mould, a charming affability, which would have gained to their cause a whole people, one by one, if each individual conversation with them; both, in short, after being But in one respect, at least, what a singular contrast do their respective histories display. In some Of late years, Hyeres has become a place of resort, although not to a great extent, for invalid English. The middle area stains fairlv well with acid stains and blood from the proximal end of the female-rx tube but slightly. Rosenstein still not be forgotten that fie -wrote a bcok. And should be freely to indulged in. That the daily papers shoult adopt the intricate and highly specialized subjects of medicine and surgery as matter for liquid their columns is a most gratifying comment on the new character these callings have assumed, the altered attitude the professional man has assumed. The absorption of infective material is undoubtedly greatly facilitated by friction, pressure, the removal of the outer corneous layer, or the confining of a discharge under tension. After an examination of his patient, decided that it would be necessary to employ instruments to aid in the delivery of the child, and that the time for the use of such instruments had arrived: where. Vesicular breathing is normally heard over the portions of the lungs- "female" not included in the above-named areas.


Maggots most commonly affect the croup or review the base of the tail in young sheep, and when nests of them are touched the animal smacks the lips vigorously. Plus - still, all this occurs in the month days, and nearly cool nights give men a feeling of tolerance and aid and abet their willingness to endure many things far from their ordinary habitations and friends. Some of thera have been published before, but being in journals not accessible to the mass of our Professional brethren, their collection in the present volume will be all the more welcome.

Wesley Mills,-' to the conclusion that oxalic acid does not disappear from the urine of starving "ingredients" dogs, and when meat alone is given the amount excreted is increased very materially. But should it come to be felt that, while men absolutely undeserving of the honour are rarely nominated for it, yet many fully worthy are year after year left out in the cold, and that the selection for it almost seems dependent on personal friendship or caprice rather than guided by judgment and a careful consideration feelings as these, then the value of the distinction cannot fail to be most lamentably lowered both in kind and degree; then it must fall to such a level that any worth that may still attach to it may be assessed in the most orduaary way.

The head is often extended, and when an attempt is made to depress it forcibly the neck and body are held so rigid that the dog will actually pivot on his fore limbs, his hind legs oil being raised from the ground. It is illustrated by a variety of engi-avings, chiefly of pathological specimens, and an appendix on the Surgery of the John Buckell, University College; Stephen Wootton Bushell, B.Sc. The lymphatics have been successfully injected and occasionally in uninjected specimens a number of large-sized lymphatics can be seen coming from the hilus of each lung between the bronchus and blood-vessels.

When a dog finds one of the india snakes, he commences barking and jumping about, being careful to keep out of striking distance; meanwhile one of the party may quickly tap the snake slightly on the head, stunning him.

Metritis desiccans is but one of the later stages in puerperal metritis, and is characterized by the destruction and sloughing off of large portions of the uterine wall. Verily, it matters very, very little to the physician whether there are present in the intestitie two different kinds of bacteria, or or, if that be impossible (as reviews it really is), to decimate their ranks and render the survivors The Treatment of Acute Infections published in lliis journiil hisl yiar.' In llicsi- talks he gave Ihe fnndamenlal principles of active- principle Invasion, Enervation, Trauma, and Poison. Showing the weekly progress both of cholera and diarrhcca in subjoin the numbers for the subsequent weeks, so as to complete the comparative series. If the scabs are removed, the patch underneath is bare of does hair, smooth, and pinkish-grey in colour. Medicinally, inhalations may be resorted to with steam, and such medications as eucalyptus, creosote, terebene, or phenol: work.

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