Post and Telegraph Museum

Post and Telegraph Museum

Post and Telegraph Museum or Communication Museum is one of the museums in Tehran province. In the rebuilt complex of the Post Museum, examples of the oldest stationery and postal package mailing tools and gadgets, the first telephones of morse telegrams, stamps, and other communications and telecommunication devices have been displayed from the pigeon to the satellite. This museum is located on Imam Khomeini Street next to the National Garden.

Post and Telegraph Museum
The first Iranian postal museum was founded with the modeling of the European Specialized Museums in 1932. The location of this museum was part of the building of the postal and telegraph ministry on the south side of the former Toop Khaneh square opposite the municipality’s mansion. Before the destruction of the telegraph building in 1970, the museum was running and welcomed visitors.
After the destruction of the Ministry’s building , tools and objects of the museum were moved to the western wing of the post office of the National Garden District, and the Communication Museum (Post and Telecommunication) was opened on January 30, 1991. The Communication Museum is an excellent place for visitors who are interested to the historic and ancient monuments.. The museum presents a variety of backgrounds in the field of communication and information technology in the country, showing the progressive trend of communication tools in the context of history. In the Museum of Communications, tools and postal and telecommunication objects are collected and maintained in the same way as other countries in the world.
The museum is located in one of the oldest and most beautiful state-owned buildings, made up of two floors consisting of halls and various rooms.

Post and Telegraph Museum           Post and Telegraph Museum
This building was built between 1928 and 1934 with a cost of five hundred thousand tomans and an area of ​​15 thousand square meters on Sepah Street. The architect of this building was Nikolai Markov, a prominent Iranian-Georgia architect.
The museum’s building has been constructed for postal and custom administration with a national architectural style, and it’s among the huge and magnificent buildings of this style of Iranian architecture during the Reza Shah period.

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