The abdominal symptoms are seldom pronounced, though intestinal hemorrhage and perforation sometimes occur. There are, nevertheless, many cases that are not associated with pelvic disease, and in these there can be no cost question of the correctness of the hypothesis of Beard that places much of the onus on the central nervous system itself; yet a still more remote and real cause is doubtless the auto-intoxication of the individual by vitiated secretions. When the patient was allowed to get up she was put on a mixture containing the citrate of iron, quinine, and strychnine, and has the fourth day order after confinement fell to normal, where it afterward remained. He himself admits, however, that his observations are not entirely convincing, since in addition to the administration of calomel he had also recourse to cold packing. As a preliminary to this, we have had the alimentary canal thoroughly evacuated, the mg vagina has been irrigated with antiseptic solutions twice daily, and view of disinfecting, as thoroughly as possible, the vaginal tract, and particularly the discharges that take place from the uterus. And how dithcult it must have been for purchase them to decide' Dr. Keyes re-affirmed the proposition formulated by Thompson, that phosphates, amorphous or crystalline, are not apt to accumulate into stone in the bladder, excepting upon a nucleus, or upon roughened, ulcerated, excoriated portions of the bladder wall. In the child in any laryngit's, we have then an element of paralysis, for a very moderate inflammation of mucous membrane and subjacent tissue will interfere with the free action of the crico-arytenoid muscles which withdraw the cords and so open the glottis. Advertisements inserted on the most liberal ttrms. As the evening advanced I tab had frequent calls to stool, with griping and some tenesmus, nothing coming away but mucus.

This is "pulmoza" not true of those infectious diseases which are not contagious, but are miasmatic. They are usually increased in frequency even when no pulmonary complication exists, and they are sometimes irregular. When all other treatment failed to reduce the temperature, and the evils of its constant elevation were feared, antipyretics then used confessed failure along more scientific lines of treatment. Effectual vaccination is our great safeguard; and the Italian Government, impressed with this fact, has, on the recommendation of the Sanitary Council, issued a circular to the official vaccinators, intimating the following precautions in order to exclusively fi'om well-formed and perfect pustules which have undergone a regular course and development; and it should never be taken from ill-formed pustules, or those which, from scratching or other cause, have undergone alteration in their between the sixth and eighth day, comiting from the period of vaccination, or between the third and fifth day after the with blood or contaminated with any other humour' should be rejected. When pus is ah'eady formed it must be evacuated by puncture of the drum membrane, and antisepsis must then be practised by syringing with a solution of carbolic acid (one per cent.) or of boric acid (two per cent.), or boric acid in powder may be insufflated into the ear. Cultures in bouillon give it a uniformly cloudy appearance.

Of these, pericarditis and pleuritis occur oftener than other inflammations of serous membranes.


The condition of the limb the femm- is'pushed considerably forwards, and the patella can be felt to be anchylosed to the cheap external condyle.

Often in the midst of the usual red light she used to see various After all means of rational treatment had been exhausted, she was taken to M.

Miller, Prof, of Pyhsiology, Christiana; though published in Norway, exhibits an instructive report of a series of very careful experiments, made by the author on some of the inferior vertebrate animals, chiefly dogs and rabbits, with the view of ascertaining the physiological effects of blood transfusion. The diminished quantity of urine in acute Bright's disease, may be explained by the lessened blood-pressure and slow circulation in the glomeruli, these changes in the vascular system being incident to all acute inflammations.

Coi-responding muscles of the other extremity are apt to become subsequently affected, the affection thus exemplifying the law of parallelism.

When it is observed to be so, the patients die from hydropic symptoms, sometimes causing gangrenous inflammation of the lower limbs. Advanced emphysema and certain cases of fibrous phthisis are attended by chronic congestion of the kidneys.

Professor Humphrey, that I feel a difficulty in approaching the work. So much for the issues buy raised by our correspondent. The diseases attended with ophthalmitis are recurring or tablet chronic irido-choroiditis, from whatever cause; atrophy of the globe following purulent keratitis, or panophthalmitis, or in which ossific degeneration of the retina has taken place; atrophy of the globe from any cause, with pain in the ciUary region. The highest law officer of the Crown has pronounced in favour of the right of the donation Governors to choose the future position of the Hospital by dismissing the appeal of the corporation Governors against Vice- Chancellor AVood's decision, with costs. It is wanting in a certain proportion of cases, and in these cases the most frequent form of disease is the small granular kidney. Beale, and whichseemtobe gradually accepted by the scientific A Companion to the British Pharmacopceia; conipnriiiff the Strength of the various Preparations with thoseof price the London, Ediiiburgh, and Dnblin, United States, and other Foreign Pharmacopoeias: icith Practical Hints on Prescribing.

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