Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island

Qeshm is one of the southern islands of Iran, attracting many tourists from around the world for many years. This is the largest island in Persian Gulf with an area of 1500 km2.

There are very rare animal and plant species on the island. Moreover, different types of reptiles and birds are displayed for the public in protected areas. Qeshm Island is one of the hot and humid areas of Iran.

Qeshm Island         Qeshm Island

In this region, level of humidity is very high; therefore, traveling to this area in summers might not be suitable. The most suitable seasons for traveling to Qeshm are falls and winters when the island has a desirable weather, which attracts many tourists from around the world.

Islands of Hengam and Hormoz, are some of the astonishing natural features near Qeshm, which connect to this island at the time of tides.

Qeshm Island         Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island is recognized as the island of seven wonders of Iran, full of marine forests, important and bizarre monuments, several small and large villages, and pristine springs and valleys. On the other hand, many unique recreation centers have been established in this island by many investors, majority of which are categorized as coastal recreations.

The largest geopark of Iran is located in Qeshm Island, with a variety of the rarest plants and animals. Natural sculptures and reliefs, amazing mountains, plains on heights, columns from erosion factors, dents created by weathering, alluvial fan, sloping pieces at high altitudes, mountain heads and shapes formed by the artistic hand of the nature with the scourge of the wind and rain, marvelous statues observed in different shapes, such as turtles, dogs, lizards, and hippopotamus or even human face in anger and scream, all are major parts of the enchanting nature of Qeshm, regarded as eye-catching nature attractions of the island.

Qeshm Island         Qeshm Island

Moreover, the first and largest Crocodile Park in the Middle East is established in this island, which has gathered many tourists together on the island.

On your travel to Iran, do not miss Qeshm island, since according to many tourists, travel to this island is an unbelievable experience.

Qeshm Island



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