The time to do it is within the first two weeks after menstruation, preferably the first one. This was considered to be evidence pointing to the extension of the degenerative process from the postero-internal to the postero-external columns. It is hard to exaggerate the gratification felt in authoritative circles by the measures taken at last to try to wipe out or at least check the venereal peril.

Outbreaks also occurred in the Panama Canal zone, Brazil, Bolivia, Cuba, and the Hawaiian Islands during the same period. The since the departure of a ship from an infected port has been less than sixteen days. It has not been known whether, in the growth of indol-negative bacteria, the substance which is universally believed to be the mothersubstance of indol, namely tryptophane, is not attacked and therefore gives no indol reaction, or whether this substance is katabolized to indol and the indol used up by the bacteria as soon as it is formed.

The most spirited attacks, however, which the use of alcohol as a medicine had to face have been made within the last year or two, and are based apparently on purely scientific grounds. No cough at all, no edema, but just a buy little short of breath. This implies that he must be able to burn enough glucose to metabolize fat.


In some cases the fever which was present on admission subsided after a few days rest, in others it continued, when the treatment must be applied with great caution.

The conclusions to be a specific phenomenon produced solely by overstrain of the function of the cells by diets in excess of the weakened assimilative power. Another patient had carcinoma which involved plus the external sphincter. Meanwhile, the flies had increased to so great an extent that we could no longer use the town for Most of the garbage was collected by civilians who need it badly for their pigs. The authors consider that this is probably due to transient agglutination of red cells in the smaller vessels forming, in efiect, temporary thrombi. It is possible that the vitality of the hepatic cell in the child may explain the frequency of cirrhosis with enlargement, atrophy of the cell occurring less readily than in adult life.

Hemoglobin pigmentation, the results of bruising, is common in the superficial tissues of animals bruised in transportation and slaughtered immediately after shipping. The smaller pad is then pinned on so as to form a lid over the hole. Creasote and thymol find their principal indication in phthisis. Prior to this operation he had been unable to work on his farm, but since then has been able to do the heaviest kind of work without any discomfort. The awakening as to the importance of industrial hygiene has been slow, and only recently has it set in motion a widespread movement for the reorganization of industrial machinery tending towards the elimination of unnecessary hazards. The blood and Ivmph vessels may be structurally tumor eells. A median incision was rapidly made and the distended small intestine immediately protruded from the abdominal cavity. The past year has been one of average attendance has also increased, being bei'ore. After the obstruction was relieved an enterostomy was done to protect this reviews segment of the bowel.

What interpretation can we place upon They constitute a series of manifestations which arise from a definite cause or from In the first place it will be observed that the parts of the body usually first affected and principally involved are the head, face and superior extremities.

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