Sa'dabad Palace

Sa’dabad Palace

The historical cultural complex of Sa’dabad is known as a set of mansions and palaces, which is located in Darband, the northernmost with enjoyable climate of Tehran, with 110 hectares’ area.

This complex has about 180 hectares of natural forest, springs, Qanats, gardens, greenhouses and streets. This mansion is located north of the Alborz mountains, east of Goladarreh, west of the Velenjak, south of the Tajrish. Jafarabad River passes through the middle of the palace.

Sa'dabad Palace

The average annual temperature of this region is 12.9 degrees Celsius. It is at an altitude of 1650 to 1800 meters above sea level.

During the Pahlavi I period, the entire gardens of   Sa’dabad was flooded from the river Darband. But during the second Pahlavi period, due to donate the water of the river to peasantries in half a day, this amount of water was not enough to irrigate the entire complex, 12 old and newly developed Qanats were used.

Sa'dabad Palace        Sa'dabad Palace

Sa’dabad complex has four historical periods such as Qajar, Pahlavi and Pahlavi II, and after the revolution of Iran. Sa’dabad was built during the Qajar period and it was the summer residence of the kings of this dynasty.

After the coup d’état of 1920 and captured by the Pahlavi dynasty, several buildings and mansions were built there, which including 18 palaces in different dimensions.

Each of the buildings has been the residence of one of the Pahlavi dynasties. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi also settled in this place in the 1971, which was completed in the early days of his reign. The newest palace of this complex is also Leila Pahlavi Palace, which belonged to the youngest daughter of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Sa'dabad Palace

After the victory of the 1978 Revolution, the complex became a museum, however the current presidential palace is located next to the complex. Mother Queen’s Palace, which belongs to the Presidential Organization, is used to cater to foreign guests.

The palace of Mother Queen, which belongs to the presidential sector is used to cater to foreign guests.

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