Saravan Forest Park

Saravan Forest Park

The Saravan Forest Park is located in the western part of Rasht Road to Tehran, 17 km from the center of the Province, Rasht. The northern and southern length of its forests is 6.7 km and its average width is 2 km in the east-west direction. The average height of the park is from 50 to 250 meters above sea level.

Saravan Forest Park          Saravan Forest Park

Saravan Forest Park is one of the oldest forests in Gilan, which is unique in terms of having diverse plant species in the country and even in the world. The Caspian region of this forest park is important because of the rare herbaceous species, genetic resources and unique landscape. The existence of various tree species such as Carpinus betulus, Parrotia, willow, pussy willow, and etc. have created a special vegetation that, in addition to attracting tourists, can be used by researchers and academics of natural resources science.

Saravan Forest Park          Saravan Forest Park

Among the attractions of this area, the special features of nature and the location and shape of the land in different parts of it can be mentioned, which includes different perspectives. The existence of the Sefidrud River and the Siahrud River in the eastern side are among the other tourist attractions in the area. Various birds and animals such as pheasants, partridge, woodpecker, Tawny owl, rabbits, weasel, etc. and reptiles and insects in this area. In addition, the existence of the Lat Caravansary, which is historically very valuable, has added to the importance of Saravan Forest Park.

Saravan Forest Park

Another attraction of Saravan Forest Park is the first country’s rural heritage museum in part of this natural park. The Gilan Rural Heritage Museum attracts many visitors, especially scholars and students, on different days of the year.


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