saraye moshir

Saraye Moshir

Saraye Moshir or Saraye Golshan is one of the oldest bazaar of Shiraz which was founded in the Qajar period.

This beautiful and spectacular Bazaar is located in the south-east of the Vakil Bazaar and next to its exit door, and its architecture is more or less like the Vakil Bazaar.

Some people are mistakenly considering the market as Vakil Bazaar because of proximity of these two markets. The special beauty of this building is a large courtyard, its vestibule is situated in the middle of the building.

saraye moshir

This courtyard with beautiful stout orange trees and the large pond in the middle of it, has created a special effect to the whole structure.

The market has a vestibule which divides the market into the two parts, it connects the market from the west to the Saraye Moshir and from the south to the Ordou Bazaar.

saraye moshir

On the south side there is a large wooden entrance door, which leads us to the vestibule. This vestibule connects the Saraye Moshir bazaar to the NoMoshir bazaar, and it has a high roof. Over of this roof there is a large dome with a slight slope, and over this dome there is a multi-dimensional windcatcher.

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