Sardasht is one of the Kurdish cities of the West Azerbaijan Province and the capital of Sardasht county, which is located in the southwest of the province and along the southern part of Urmia and is neighbors to the north of Iraq and the federal Kurdistan province of Iraq. Based on the 2011 census, its population was 41,230.

Sardasht         Sardasht

Sardasht is located on the slopes of the Gerdehsur Mountain on a plain area of ​​5.2 square kilometers and at an altitude of 1480 meters above sea level along a spring facing the east, overlooking the Kalu River. The drinking water of the city and a large part of the agricultural water in the surrounding area of ​​the city are supplied from this spring.


Before Islam, Sardasht was located next to a large spring on the northwest of the present city and was once called “Neyzeru”, and had five strong battlement whose remains are still visible. Sardasht is one of the historical and ancient regions where many monuments have not yet been identified and have remained intact or looted.  There are remnants of a fortresses of the Parthian period called “Raza Ghazi Ava” near Sardasht.

Sardasht         Sardasht

The historical and tourist potential of Sardasht are:

Zab river
The Zab River, 400 to 440 kilometers long, originates from the Kurdish mountains, go to the west of Iran borders and joins the Diyala River and the Dukan Dam in Iraq and then joins the Tigris river.

Qalatasian bridge
One of the bridges on the Zab-e-Saghir river is the Qalatasi or Qalatasian bridge. Over time, its loose layers have been damaged by the rise of the water. The bridge was probably built in the middle of the 20th century by the order of Sheikh Mawlana of the disciples of Sheikh Yusufu-ol-din Borhan and is also known as the Mawlana Bridge.

the Bistun bath
The old bath (Bistun bath) is located inside the city, and was built during the Qajar era by the order of Aziz Khan Makry, the Kurdish politician.

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