Sari, the capital of Mazandaran province in northern Iran, is the largest and most populous city in Mazandaran province and the second in the north of Iran. Sari people are called Saravi. According to recent discoveries, Sari dates back to six thousand years ago.

The weather in the city of Sari in the summer is mild and damp, and in winter it is relatively cold and dry. The southern mountainous parts of this city have long, very cold winters. Over the past few years, the lowest temperature of this city in winter wes -12 (winter 2007) and the highest temperature in summer was +40 (summer of 2004).

Sari         Sari

According to the results of the general census of population and housing in 2011, the population of the city of Sari was 296, 417, which has increased by 55.5% since 2006.
Dasht-e Naz Airport (Sari) is the airport name in the city of Sari. This airport is known as an international airport.

There are daily flights from Dasht-e Naz Airport to Tehran and Mashhad. This international airport is located 15 kilometers from the city of Sari and its domestic flights are to Mashhad, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Ahvaz, Assalouyeh, Tehran, Bandar Abbas and Kish.

Sari         Sari

The city of Sari is limited from the north to the Caspian Sea, from the east to the city of Neka, from the south to Semnan province, and from the west to the cities of Qa’im Shahr and Savadkuh.

The clock square is the name of a square in the city center, which has a gigantic tower with an old clock and equipped a bell-ring sound that rings equal to the hour of that moment, and in the silence of the Sari’s nights, the sound of the 12 o’clock can be heard even in the furthest part of the city,The reason is the high number of times it rings and the silence of the nights of the city.


Sari was the first city in Iran where the construction of Iran’s national railroad began and after the kingdom of Reza Shah and during World War II,  The Soviet Union forces occupied it. These railways are one of the main branches of Iran’s national railways, which was opened in 1925 during the Reza Shah era, the first phase of which was established between the cities of Sari and the Bandar-Shah , and has always been one of the most important routes in Iran. The construction of this railway made Sari divided into two parts, north and south.

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