Sedaki cave

Sedaki cave

Sedaki Cave is one of the most unique and virgin attractions located at altitudes of about 1,500 meters of the Birk Mountains in the Irandegan district of Khash county in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. This cave is located 55 km from Khash and in the Irandegan district, above the village of Pestak.

Sedaki cave

The unique features of this cave are three wells and one spring, which provide a living environment for animals such as Iranian leopard, lesser mouse-tailed bat and reptiles such as lizards. The opening of this cave is two meters and its length is unknown, it has two large halls each with a capacity of thousand individuals. The cave has a height of 5 to 20 meters, as well as three corridors, approximately 100 meters each, which is a very suitable place for bats and other animals due to its impassable attribute.

Also it should be noted that, in the case of inscriptions and pictures on the rocks and walls of this cave, according to investigations on the rocks and walls of the cave, there are writings that are being investigated. The ceiling and the floor of this cave have sticky pendants and beautiful cressets that attract the attention of every visitor. Sedaki Cave has significant importance due to tourism, paleontology, archeology and geology, as well as the environment, and precise studies should be carry out on each of these characteristics.

Sedaki cave

The Irandegan district of Khash county has many capabilities in terms of cultural, historical and tourism that are unknown and require research and exploration.

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