Shadegan Lagoon

Shadegan Lagoon

Shadegan International Lagoon is one of the great wetlands in Iran. This wetland is located in southwestern Iran in the south of Shadegan city in Khuzestan Province. At the World Wetlands Conference held in Ramsar, it was decided to recognize three Shadegan, Khormusa and Khor Alamieh wetlands as “Shadegan Lagoon”.

Shadegan International Lagoon          Shadegan International Lagoon

It is said that the wetland has been damaged by construction of dams and non-observance of the water requirements of The Lagoon, evacuation of the polluted wastewater such as sugar cane fields, pisciculture and steel production in Khuzestan, oil pipelines, the operation of 30 petrochemical units and urban waste disposal have caused this unique wetland to enter the red list of international wetlands (Montero List). The water of this international wetland, which was ranked fifth in the world (ranked by UNESCO), is supplied from the Jarahi and Karun rivers, as well as the Persian Gulf tide. Despite the seasonal nature of the freshwater section of the wetland, its salty water is permanent due to being connected to the Persian Gulf and estuaries.

Shadegan International Lagoon          Shadegan International Lagoon

Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of the province has established the Ragbeh Village as a wetland tourism base and has established a tourism station in the region. Individuals are designated to guide and provide the required services to tourists. Landscapes of this wetland, especially in spring and late winter, are noteworthy.

The indigenous inhabitants of Shadegan Lagoon have handicrafts that can be provided to tourist by creating a place near the lagoon.

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