Shahmirzad is a town located in the north of Iran and on the southern slopes of the Alborz Mountains, in Sangsar city in Semnan province. This city is important due to its history of tourism and agriculture, it is considered as one of the international tourist cities in Iran. Shahmirzad was promoted to the section in 2007. It has a municipality since 1926.

Shahmirzad          Shahmirzad

The population of this city, according to the 2006 census, was recorded as 7,238, 1,860 families which raised to 8,882 in 2011. The altitude is 1935 meters. During the Summers, the town’s population rises to up to 40,000 people, as tourists visit the town for its cool climate and popular gardens.

This arae has been home to people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, a large group of whom seasonally settled in cities and towns of Mazandaran, such as Babol, Sari, Neka, and Behshahr. During the past decades many Muslim, Bahá’í, and Shahmirzadi Jews, migrated to larger cities in Iran and abroad, most notably San Francisco Bay Area.

Shahmirzad          Shahmirzad

This region has cold winter, and moderate summer, and it is green in terms of its vegetation. It is usually cooler than its neighboring cities. Shahmirzad has the world’s largest walnut garden (approved by the FAO) with an area of 750 hectares.

The economy of the city of Shahmirzad relies on its agriculture. Shahmirzad is one of the main walnut producers in the region, and its products has high export capacity. The other unique products of Shahmirzad is plums.

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