Shahrak-e Namak Abrud

Shahrak-e Namak Abrud


Shahrak-e Namak Abrud is a tourism town in Mazandaran Province of Iran. The town has two lines of aerial tramway which starts at the sea level near the shores of the Caspian Sea and ends on the top of the Alborz heights crossing dense forest area of northern Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 354, in 71 families.

Shahrak-e Namak Abrud         Shahrak-e Namak Abrud

Shahrak-e Namak Abrud, located 12 kilometers west of Chalus, covers part of the area with an approximate scope of 650 hectares. The northern boundary of these lands has been formed by the Caspian Sea and its southern boundary is the Modaban altitude (from the altitudes of the Alborz Mountain Ranges).

Shahrak-e Namak Abrud         Shahrak-e Namak Abrud
The existence of Banafsheh and Shemshad forest parks in the northern part of the Namak Abrud, with an approximate area of 200 hectares, has created landscapes in this part of the land. Meanwhile, in the south of the land, the slopes of Modaban Mountain with intensive forest and great visual appeal attract tourists in all seasons.

Shahrak-e Namak Abrud         Shahrak-e Namak Abrud

The original plan was designed by consulting engineer; Mr. Dazz, Mr.Charkhab, Mr.Hovard Homfari. Hovard Homfari’s report said that Chalous-Ramsar Road bisected the area- with the northern side of the road dedicated to building villas, and Hite hotel and marinas suggested part and the related facility and apartment complex on its southern side.

Shahrak-e Namak Abrud

In Namak Abrud area, due to the distance from the Caspian Sea and the decrease of moisture, the type of trees and forest plan is different.


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