Shahrud is one of the cities of Semnan province and the second largest city in Semnan province and the center of the city of Shahrood. Other old names for Shahrud are the “Hanchareh”, “Shokhre” and “Shakhreh”.

Shahrud is located between humid and rainy climate of its north and dry climate from  the desert in the south, which has provided a moderate climate for the city. Shahrood is located between Damghan in the east, Sabzevar and Bardaskan in the west and Gorgan in the north, and is approximately in the middle of the TehranMashhad route, 400 km from Tehran and 500 km from Mashhad.

Shahrud           Shahrud

Based on the results of the census in 2011, the population of Shahrood was 218, 474. Shahrud is the second most populous city in the province. The existence of road and transportation departments, Northeastern railway, tobacco, oil company and Islamic propaganda organization, plus science and technology park and Quranic science faculty have raised The importance of this city.  Shahrood people speak Persian in Shahroudi dialect.

There is evidence that Shahrud is one of the major cities of the 14th historic province, the “Chokhra” (from the sixteenth Avestan divisions of ancient times), which was founded by the Aryans on the southern slope of the Alborz mountains. Some scholars have considered the term “Chekhereh” as the primary form of Shahrud.

In most months of the year, the weather is moderate and slightly cold. Shahroud is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. The central and the eastern parts of shahrood have moderate climate and its northern regions are mountainous with cold and humid climates.

Shahrud           Shahrud

The southern part, which is adjacent to the desert, has a fairly warm climate. The average annual temperature in this city is 14 ° C and the annual rainfall is 180 mm. Shahrud, due to being located on a hillside, does not share the surface water in the form of permanent rivers, and there are flooded and seasonal rivers in this city. The Shahrood River has passed through Shahrood over the past years and divided Shahrood into two parts.

From the historical and ancient attractions of Shahrud, the following are noteworthy:

Yaghmaii’s house, Shahrud’s Bazar, Shahrud’s old Bazar and Chahar Soogh Bathroom.

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