Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh Garden

The Shazdeh Garden or the Shahzade(prince) Mahan Garden is one of the historical gardens in Iran. The garden is about 2 km from Mahan city, and is located near the city of Kerman, on the slopes of Tigran Mountains and is related to the end of the Qajar era.

This monument was registered globally at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2011, along with eight other Iranian gardens in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Shazdeh Garden         Shazdeh Garden

The garden has an area of ​​about 3.5 hetare, and consist of two eastern and western complexes. The palace or its mansion is very beautiful and has two floors. Its façade has an excellent architecture that highlights it from other Iranian gardens. There are fountains in the garden which could be the most beautiful fountains in the Iranian gardens.

Shazdeh Garden fountains function on the basis of the difference in height force. The length of the Shazdeh Garden of Kerman is 407 meters and its width is 122 meters, making it the largest and most beautiful Persian historic gardens. This garden has plenty of visitors during most seasons and especially in summer and spring.

Shazdeh Garden         Shazdeh Garden

This garden was first constructed on the orders of Mohammad Hassan Khan, who at the time was the general of the ruler of Kerman, and the building inside it was later built by the order of ruler of Kerman, Abdul Hameed Mirza Naser al-Dawleh, during his eleven years of rule (1880 to 1891). However, with his death, the construction of building was abandoned.

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