Shegeft Yazdan cave

Shegeft Yazdan cave

The Shegeft Yazdan cave is located near the village of Hafthar on the high mountain called Shegeft, 70 km from Ardakan, Yazd province.
The cave consists of 3 ponds, and the water that washed out from the ceiling accumulate in these ponds.

Due to impassable road of The Shegeft Yazdan cave, at the earliest time of the entrance of the Muslims to Iran, Zoroastrians transferred their sacred fire to the cave in order to preserve it and kept it there for 30 years.
This ancient cave is located near the Aqda and is one of the holy Zoroastrian caves. Each year, a number of Zoroastrians from India also come to this place and spend a night there.
The entrance to The Shegeft Yazdan cave is very difficult, but there is a vast area inside the cave to accommodate more than thousands.

There are several small and large ponds and remnants of buildings. There is a lot of ash in the cave, indicating that for many years, the sacred fire was protected in the cave.
At the 9th century AH, The Shegeft Yazdan cave has been the site of storage for Karyan fire for more than 30 years.
In some parts of the access road to the cave, there is no possibility to travel by car, and visitors should walk for 2 hours and pass through a impassable rocky mountain with steep slopes.

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