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Shiraz, the Oldest city of Iran

Shiraz boasts of an ancient history of some 3000 years. It has also an artistic tradition for in fact Shiraz initiated the new era in Persion art in the 13th and 14th century A.D.

Situated in central Iran with an area of 133,000 kilometres, the province of Fars is bounded by Isfahan Province on the north, Hormozgan Province on the south, Kerman Province on the east and Kohkiloyeh-Boyer ahmad on the west.

Its main towns and districts include Abadeh, Darab, Estahban, Fasa Firuz Abad, Iqlid, Jahrum, Sa[idan, Shiraz, Kazerun, Lamard, Mamasani, Marvdasht and Neyriz. Shiraz is the capital of province.

Nature in Fars is extremely variegated; tall mountains, rocks covered with almond trees, wild pistachios and spruce trees. Water is a key to life in this land. With an average precipitation of 250 millimeters, the lands are irrigated and the pastoral life continues.

Natural springs and waterfalls are not sparse in the region. Margun Waterfall and Qalan Waterfall are in fact the spring that mysteriously flow in a watercourse from the mountains. Qanats were in the past used for irrigation in the region which have now been replaced by deep and semi-deep wells.

One of the major nomadic areas in Iran, is the Fars province. And the largest tribe is the Qashqa’i, consisting of Darreh Shuri, Kashkuli, Shish Boluki, Farsmidan and Amala. The nomadic life is full of hardships and endeavors. They earn their living largely through flock breeding, kilim weaving and carpets and jajims. Social upheavals and economic necessities have goaded them into a steady settlement.

Pastoral nomads have always been part of economic system that included villagers and townspeople. All nomads depend on settled communities in a symbiotic relationship that includes pastoral, agricultural, and trading worlds. Nomads emphasizes production and exchange economy. Nomads sell the products of their herds to villagers.


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