Shush Castle

Shush Castle

Shush Castle is a castle which was constructed on historical hills near the Tomb of Daniel (the Prophet) in Susa by French archaeologist Jean-Marie Jacques de Morgan for the residence of French archaeologists.

Shush Castle         Shush Castle

The most important antiquities which are obtained of these hills are the famous statue of Queen Napier Asoston, the famous beige cup with image of a gazelle, and Code of Hammurabi. This castle has a medieval plan, and it was built by the French with the cooperation of Iranians, and the clan of Feyli has been in charge of building security, and the help of Haji Mostafa Dezfuli.

Shush Castle

The castle was built with bricks of Darius I Palace (Apadana Palace of Susa) and a number of bricks with cuneiform of Chogha Zanbil, which resulted from the destruction of some parts of these buildings. The documents were sent to Iran in 1994 by the French government, due to the pursuits and correspondence of the government of Iran to recapture (documents) this French castle, which was built atop of Acropole hill.

Shush Castle

The plan of the castle is trapezoid, its small side is located on the north, and it is surrounded by a corridor and several rows of rooms facing the courtyard. The northwest tower is a square castle and a northeast tower is a circle castle.

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