Shush (Susa)

Shush (Susa)

Shush is a city with an area of 5.6 square kilometers, located 115 kilometers northwest of Ahvaz. It and has been one of the centers of ancient civilization, one of the most famous cities in the world, a thousand-year capital of Elam, and also it was the winter capital of Achaemenid Empire.


The Tomb of Daniel (the prophet) is located in Shush. In the Islamic era, Susa has been populated and prosperous city for a long time. Susa began to lose his importance, due to the transferring capital of Khuzestan was transferred to Ahvaz. The archaeologists discovered the remnants of 8,000 years ago in the lower layers of the city.

Shush         Shush

Shush has semi-arid climate. In the center of this city, the highest temperature of summer is +53 ° C and the lowest temperature is +1° C. The climate of Shush is influenced by the effect of high pressure of tropics, which makes the sultry days of summer. There are 219 villages in this county and only 155 of them have water.


1118 villages of the 4,015 villages in Khuzestan province do not have water, and only 302 villages are watered by tankers.

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