Shushtar is one of the cities of Khuzestan province in the southwest of Iran. The city is located on the slopes of the Zagros Mountains. After the Arab invasion, it was dubbed “Dar al-Mu’minin” (the city of believers).

Shushtar         Shushtar

This city is the 57th largest city in Iran with an area of 2,246 square kilometers, and its population is 139 thousand. In terms of population, it is the fourth largest city in the province after the metropolis of Ahvaz and the cities of Dezful and Abadan.

Shushtar         Shushtar

The average height of this city is 150 meters above sea level and the height of the central point of it is 65 meters above sea level. The mountains overlooking Shushtar is Fedelak, which is the end of the Zagros folds in the plain of Khuzestan. The distance between this city and Ahvaz is 85 km, and Tehran is 831, and it is 222 km to the Persian Gulf.

Shushtar         Shushtar

Shushtar has a Mediterranean climate in winter and autumn, and its lush biome is very pleasant from the end of the winter to the spring. The city hosts numerous tourists throughout the year with its beautiful hillside and mountainous wildlife. The hottest and coldest months of Shushtar of the year are June and December. The average annual temperature is 27.2 degrees Celsius, and the average annual rainfall in Shushtar is 322 mm.

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