Si-o-seh pol

Si-o-seh pol

Si-o-seh pol is a bridge with 33 spans, 295 meters in length and 14 meters in width, which is based on the opinion of experts in geology and cultural heritage, it is stronger in moisture because of the design of its base and foundation. Therefore, if the dryness of river continues for long time, there is a danger of destruction for Si-o-seh pol.

According to Percy Sykes, Si-o-seh pol is one the first-class bridges of the world. Jean Chardin describes this bridge as an amazing architectural masterpiece, and Don Garcia called this bridge as a best work of Iranian architectures. According to Curzon, “Man does not expect to travel to Iran to see what can be called the most magnificent bridge in the world, you must travel to Iran “.

Si-o-seh pol

The area of the bridge is designated by British tourists four hundred ninety yards. The seven spans of this bridge are blocked, and now it has 33 spans hence it is called Si-o-seh pol (The bridge of thirty-three spans).

This bridge was built to connect the Chaharbagh-e-Abbasi Street to Chaharbaghe Bala Street and Baghe Hezae Jorayb and Abbas Abad.

Si-o-seh pol

This bridge was the community of the Shah, admirers and poets, and politicians and other people, at the feast of the water springs.


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