Siahkal is one of the cities of Gilan province in northern Iran. The city with a population of 18,176 people is located in the central part of the city of Siahkal. The city of Siahkal is restricted from the north to the cities of Lahijan and Astaneh Ashrafieh, to the east to the cities of Langarud and Rudsar and Amlash, to the south to Rudbar and Alamut and to the west to Rasht.

Siahkal          Siahkal

The city of Siahkal is a combination of the three villages of Kalsar, Kodubanak and Burfajan, and is created about 150 years ago, based on the efforts of Habibullah Khan Moshir-al-mamalek. The local people pronounce it as Si Kal; In their local dialect, Si means a large rock and mountain with a steep slope, and Kal means the village, and in fact Siahkal means the village beside the mountain with a steep slope.


Siahkal has one of the best weather in Gilan Province, as well as its virginal nature. It consists of three regions: the alluvial zone resulting from the residual flow of the mud which the rivers have brought, as well as the sediments of the sea from the ancient times and the beautiful foothills area with its abundant beech forests, as well as the mountainous region, which is snow covered usually up to half a year.

Siahkal          Siahkal

The municipality of Siahkal is one of the first municipalities in the country. According to the culture of the people of Siahkal, the city has had a market and urban structure from the past and even much earlier than the current famous cities of Gilan.

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