True, there is such a thing in the literature, and I have in my possession an interesting monograph on hepatic neurosis, written by a distinguished foreign clinician, some fifteen years since; but I doubt its real existence as much as I doubt the exists ence of nervous dyspepsia, or intestinal indigestion. In corresponding with Advertisers, please mention THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER. But the cases of cold vs fevers are almost as various, and certainly they are far more dangerous than those of hot fevers.

On examination the bone-marrow will be found very rich in The liver is enlarged and shows numerous small nodules of lymphoid tissue. Levels should not produce a significant abnormality in clotting protein price levels unless concomitant liver disease or disseminated intravascular coagulation is present. The text is pleasant to read, and the numerous illustrations, mainly in the form of photographs, make the book still more readable. However, the symptoms and pathological findings should assist in making a diagnosis.

These small glandules seem to be closely associated with the thyroid glands in function, and will replace to a certain degree the secretions necessary, when the true glands are diseased or destroyed.

THE BEST THINGS IN THERAPEUTICS. ; Dean's Office, Letters of inquiry should be addressed to the Registrar, ECONOMY IN THE GARDEN. In the thecal abscess, the area should be made bloodless by an Esmarch bandage under general anes thesia, the skin and subcutaneous tissues incised, and then, if necessary, the tendon-sheath opened. We have germs which we cannot account tor, but we have strikini? examples of it beinj? spontaneously produced. The pig is al o liable to variola.


And when he is relieved and the appetite returns he ihould be fed sparingly. Finally, we sought 10000 to define the our favored preoperative diagnosis, frequently extends into the inferior cava. These granules of lymph, the size "100" of a pin's head. In a few cases the cough has been absent, though there was evidently much affection of the lungs: I have seen two cases of this kind, both of which terminated fatally: stud. These courses, which are held during the Summer Vacation, are arranged Guineas), and another series on Diseases of Children (ice, Five Guineas), were arranged for during the last fortnight of the month. It may occur from direct bo treated with success, if simple; but if compound or comniiniited, remove the shoe; bamfage with a starch or plaster of paris bandage; apply carefully, and then perhaps a splint on both sides ni the bone keeps it froni turning to the sides; but if it extends down in an obli(iiie direction, into the articulation, it is likely to produce anchylosis and ringbone; but this does not seriously interfere with the Osoorona is rarely fractured, but fracture may be produced in the same way as those'given, and may bo tre;ited in the same way. I found her, and another son of twenty-five or thirty years of age, in the same room, and both in the third day of their illness. A second disinfection would be recommended before allowing birds to be placed in the buildings. From his writings, an idea may be formed of his literary qualifications, and his various accomplishments as a scholar. Some of which, on the separation of the peritoneal adhesions, opened into the cavity of the abdomen. Several years later Wolfler, a pu pil of Billroth's, devised the operation of gastro-enterostomy and performed it with success.

In Svapnia there is retained all the Morphia and the greater part of the Codeia and Narceia, but combined with the native acids of Opium, meconic and thebolactic, in such a manner as to render those constituents soluble and active. At the time it was put in effect, Commissioner Osbern was the active head of the Kecly Institute at Greensboro, N. The first trial I gave reviews it was in a case of obstructed catamenia, in a young lady of about seventeen years of age.

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