The Museum of Susa

Susa Museum

The Susa Museum is located in the historical province of Khuzestan with 550 square meters of infrastructure, in the middle of magnificent garden with an area of 14,635 square meters, is one of the attractions of Shush country.

Shush Castle

The Museum is located on the side of the ancient castle of Susa and facing the tomb of Daniel the prophet. The Museum was built in 1966 due to display the objects with 160 years old, which have been obtained from the archaeological excavations of the city of Susa and Chogha Zanbil.

Shush Castle         Shush Castle

One of the most prominent objects is part of the wall of the Apadana Palace of Susa. The most important differences between this palace and the Persepolis is the presence of these colorful stones.

Shush Castle         Shush Castle

Inside the courtyard of the Susa Museum, there are several sculptures and artifacts which are installed inside the glass compartments for public visit.

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