Tabas is a desert city in the west of South Khorasan province of Iran. The city is located in an area with desert climate.

The height of this region is about 690 meters above sea level. In the east of the city is a mountain range called the Shotori Range, which forms the eastern side of the Tabas hole.

Tabas         Tabas

This city has an area of ​​55,460 square kilometers. The distance between the city to Mashhad is 540 km, and 270 km from Birjand. The closest city is from the north east, Ferdows city with 210 km distance and from southwest, Yazd city with 365 km. The rich coal mines in the city indicate the massive forests and large lakes in the distant past in this region. These mines have placed this area in the ranks of one of the richest areas of the country in terms of national wealth.

Tabas         Tabas

Multiple bus lines, a railroad station and an airport connect Tabas to Mashhad, Yazd , Tehran, Kerman and Birjand, the capital city of South Khorasan province.

Tabas         Tabas

Tabas, which was a city in Khorasan province, had become a part of Yazd province in 2001, before the division of Khorasan province, but some years after the division of Khorasan province in the winter of 2013, while according to polls, about 90% of the population wanted to stay in Yazd province, Tabas joined South Khorasan Province.


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