Tabatabai's house

Tabatabai’s house

In one of the historical neighborhoods of Kashan, Sultan Amir Ahmad, and after passing through several historic complexes, we see Tabatabai’s house which is known as the bride of Iranian houses, due to its unique beauty ,and is a masterpiece of the old art of architecture.
This house has an area of ​​4,730 square meters and includes various departments with diverse use.

Tabatabai's house           Tabatabai's house

Every corner of this house is built in accordance with the specific and intelligent principles and beside beauty, all the needs of residents are projected.

Large houses gave their owners a chance that in addition to their own, their children could live in the same house after marriage. In addition, it has been a place to trade and hold the ceremony.

Tabatabai's house
Exquisite interior and exterior decorations such as artistic plastering and the use of colored glasses, the preservation of Islamic and iranian architecture origin, and design in accordance with the specific culture and climate of the region, are the characteristics of this house that make it one of the unparalleled monuments of Iran.

Tabatabai's house           Tabatabai's house

Perhaps if one does not know about these features, it’s easy to walk past the entrance door, but after you visit this house, new and different images of Iranian homes will be created in your mind that will never be erased.

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