Taftan is the name of the only semi-active volcano across Iran. This mountain is situated in the southeast of Iran, in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan. This mountain, with a height of 3941 meters above sea level, is the tallest Baluchestan mountain, with numerous peaks.

The volcanic peak of this mountain is Chehel Tan, located 380 km from the direct line to the north of Makran sea, and its direct distance to Zahedan is 100 km.


Sulfur is always evaporated from the three volcanic craters of this mountain. At the entrance to volcanic cavities, pure sulfur boards are abundant. This summit has two apexes. One in the north is higher and called Ziyarat, and the other in the south, which is shorter and is called Madeh kuh. The nearest town to Taftan is Khash.


Tapt in the Balochi language means heat, and the Taftan is derived from the Taptan, which is the plural form of Tapt. This volcano is active and sulfur gases are released at its crater. Mountaineers generally climb the western edge, where a shelter has been built.

The height of the camp of Gol Dareh is 2493 m, the Sobah shelter is located at the altitude of 3228 m and the height of the Taftan Peak is 3941 m. It takes three hours to go from the Amooesh va Parvaresh Camp to the Sobah shelter through the Tangeh Gelu. From the Sobah shelter to the peak of Taftan, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to climb.


Due to heavy and cold winds in the winter, it is generally difficult to climb this peak. So that the 3-hour route to the shelter requires more than 8 hours.

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