Tandooreh National Park

Tandooreh National Park

Tandooreh National Park is located in northeastern Iran, north of Razavi Khorasan Province, near the city of Dargaz the Turkmenistan border. The Tandooreh National Park, once a promenade of the Dargaz and Quchan people, has the most beautiful and deepest valleys and slopes and hillsides. It is one of the best wildlife habitats, especially for urials.

The highest point of this area is Qanbar Ali castle in the south, with a height of 2586 meters, and the lowest point is 884 meters in the northern part of the area.

Tandooreh National Park        Tandooreh National Park

The temperature in this area reaches -20 degrees in winter and there is at least 4 months of snow. Annual precipitation in this region is 250 to 300 mm, and rainfall varies considerably in different seasons, with more rainfall occurring in the spring.

The specific shape of the environment, the soil structure, elevation changes, the shape and fluctuations of rainfall and heat are among the factors that have led to the creation of a variety of vegetation in this area. So far, 373 breeds of 60 families of different vegetation have been identified in this park.

The park is made up of a series of high mountains which are connected to each other and does not have a specific mountain range.

Tandooreh National Park        Tandooreh National Park

5 out of 7 species of Iran’s felidae exist in this area including Persian leopard, jungle cat, wildcat, pallas’s cat and Eurasian lynx. This region is the best Leopard habitat in Iran, in 1991 there were 134 Leopard and its population is estimated to be close to 60 in 2008.

Tandooreh National Park is very rich in bird species diversity. Birds are most seen in the marginal areas of the park, inside the valleys and close to the springs.

Reptiles in the park include nine species of non-toxic snakes, four semi-poisonous snakes, five poisonous snakes, six lizards and turtles.

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