Tangeh Vashi

Tangeh Vashi

Tangeh Vashi or Tangeh Savashi is a place with tourism attractions, located at 15 kilometers west of Firous Kouh and because of good and enjoyable weather in summers, hosts numerous tourists and travelers.

Maybe one of the most attractive parts of traveling to Tangeh Vashi is moving on a river passing through a narrow rocky gorge.

Tangeh Vashi          Tangeh Vashi

Since Tangeh Vashi is near to Tehran, it is possible to have one day tours, special in summer a lot of people come from Tehran and the other neighbor provinces.

In recent years, many tourist agencies act to hold various tours in this place and this causes its fame.

Tangeh Vashi

Beside its beautiful nature, Tangeh Vashi has many historical works. One of three famous Qajarian reliefs is placed there. Two other reliefs are in Cheshmeh Ali of Rey city and behind the Vana Tunnel in Haraz street.

Three of them were carved at the Fath Ali Shah command. Fath Ali Shah who before becoming Shah lived in Shiraz , after visiting its Shirz reliefs, made three man named Hajarbashi, Naghashbashi and Memarbasi carve these three reliefs.

Tangeh Vashi          Tangeh Vashi

The relief located at Tangeh Savashi has dimensions of 7 in 6 meters that narrates events of Fath Ali Shah era.

On the biggest relief was carved hunting ground and horses, his hunts and lance, surrounded by his sons Abbas Mirza, Ali Gholi Mirza and Ali Naghi Mirza and his descendants hunting. This 185 years old relief was carved on mountain so that it had saved from rain and sun radiation. But tourism industry damaged it!

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