Taq Bostan

Taq Bostan

Taq Bostan is a collection of petroglyphs and rock reliefs from the era of Sassanid Empire, which is located in Kurdistan Province, northwest of Kermanshah city and west of Iran. This site was built in the third century BC, and it has a lot of artistic and historical values.

Taq Bostan           Taq Bostan

Taq Bostan consists of several historical scenes, including the crowning ceremony of Khosrow Parvez, the crowning ceremony of Ardeshir II, the crowning ceremony of Shahpur II and the third, as well as several inscriptions in the Pahlavi, and the scene of boar and deer hunting by riders, and playing the music with musical instruments such as harp.

Taq Bostan           Taq Bostan

The presence of the mountain and spring in this place has made it a beautiful site, which has been considered from ancient times to the present day. The important work in the Taq Bostan is the great vault with the rock relief of the crowning ceremony of Khosrow Parvez, which has a rectangular iwan with a width of 7 meters and 85 cm, a height of 11 meters and 90 cm, and a depth of 7 meters and 65 centimeters.

Taq Bostan           Taq Bostan

Next to the vault entrance, there is one rock relief of the winged angels, the tree of life, the scene of boar and birds hunting, and the fishes in the marshy lake, and the figures of the elephant, horses and boat, which marks the celebration of happiness.

Taq Bostan           Taq Bostan

A few cracks have been created on the walls of the large arch and small arch, due to the movement of Earth in this area. Some part of the images of this arches have been fading over time with the accumulation of mosses on its walls. And this process intensified with the penetration of water into the cracks, which has led archaeologists to think about restoration of this building.

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