Tehran Transportations

The Tehran Metro

The Tehran Metro is referred to a fast transportation system serving Tehran. By November 2017, This system consists of 7 subway lines (and an extra suburban train line), with five lines (7-2-1-3-4) in the city and two other outskirts (between Karaj and Tehran). The length of the operational metro lines, is 221 km with 118 stations, and the number of active carriages in Tehran Metro is more than 1,000 wagons, in the mean, carrying more than 3 million passengers per day. Tehran Metro has achieved a record of 4 million passengers a day.

Although the prototype of Tehran Metro was introduced during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, it officially began to work in 1999. The first active route was the No. 5 Metro route, which moved between Tehran and Karaj and began its activities on March 7, 1998.

Tehran Metro

The Tehran BRT

The Tehran-based bus system, also known as the “Bus Rapid Transit”, is one of the first such bus systems in Iran. The first line of this system, which began at Azadi Square in west of Tehran and continues to TehranPars district Crossroad in the east of Tehran, was launched in January of 2008 and then gradually completed.

Tehran has currently 10 BRT lines, which includes:

  • Line 1: starts from Azadi square Terminal and ends at TehranPars crossroad.
  • Line 2: starts from Azadi square Terminal and ends at Khavaran Terminal.
  • Line 3: starts from Science & Tech Terminal and ends at Khavaran Terminal. The line has been operational since February 2009.
  • Line 4: starts from Tehran South Terminal and ends at Chamran Highway-Parkway Intersection (Afshar Terminal).
  • Line 5: starts at Science & Tech (Elm-o-san’at) Terminal and ends at Argentina square (Beihaghi Terminal).
  • Line 7: this line starts from Railway station that is located in southern part of Tehran and ends at Tajrish that is located in northern part of Tehran. (Valiasr St.).
  • Line 8: starts at Tehran South Terminal and ends at Khavaran Terminal.
  • Line 9: starts at Sohanak (Laleh Terminal) and ends at Javanmard Ghassab Metro Station
  • Line 10: starts at Azadi square and ends at Daneshgah Azad square in Hesarak.
Tehran BRT

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