Tepe Sialk

Tepe Sialk

Sialk is the name of the first central Iranian urbanization in Kashan which is located 3 km southwest of Kashan. The ancient Sialk site, is situated in the Fin of Kashan, and is about 7,000 years old.

The evidence of the pre-Achaemenid period has been found that Sialk is one of the historical sites after the Jiroft civilization of Kerman on the plateau of Iran. After this commercial area has been left, the Proto-Elamite script that was created at the beginning of history in Elam was destroyed. In the art of silk, its decorative aspect is intense, and this is the art that the Aryans brought with them.

Tepe Sialk          Tepe Sialk

Circa 5,500 BC, one of the oldest settlements was created in the Sialk Hill near Kashan.

Several human skeletons and ancient vessels have been found in the ruins of the ancient Sialk Hill. These objects are preserved in the Louvre Museum of France, the National Museum of Iran and the Museum of Fin Garden which is situated alongside this ancient complex. In this ancient area, there are several thousand years old pottery debris on the ground and around these hills, which are very spectacular.

Tepe Sialk          Tepe Sialk

The spindles found in this area indicate the familiarity of the people with the weaving and knitting industry in the millennia BC. The inhabitants of this area also made tools work and utensil by melting metals.

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