Charkhab Palace

Charkhab Palace

The Charkhab Palace is an ancient monument from Achaemenid period, located one kilometer southwest of Borazjan and 65 kilometers from Bushehr. The Charkhab Palace was one of the winter palaces of Cyrus the Great, along with the Siah Sang Palace and Bardak Siah Palace, forming the three palaces of the Achaemenid Empire in this area.

Charkhab Palace          Charkhab Palace

This palace, located 70 kilometers from the Persian Gulf, is considered to be the main architectural document to prove that Persian Gulf has belonged to Iranians from ancient times. An ancient tablet has been discovered in this historical site in the Ancient Persian line about the Achaemenid control over the Persian Gulf.

In the autumn and winter, with intense rainfall, the palace is under flood, and this has damaged this valuable national work.

Archaeologists believe The Charkhab Palace is an imperfect property that has never been inhabited. The construction of this palace began under the command of Cyrus the Great, and was probably unfinished by his death. A part of the King’s Gate which is unfinished, unlike the main courtyard, is glazed with silica. The base of 10 pillars that have been found in the palace’s main hall is similar to the base of pillars of the Pasargadae.

Charkhab Palace

This palace, built at the end of the Cyrus monarchy, is older than the Achaemenid Pasargadae building, in terms of carvings and architectural art, as found from the foundations of the pillars and objects discovered. Another thing that surprised all the experts, especially the architects, is the architectural art used in this palace.

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