Tochal Complex

Tochal Complex

Tochal Complex is an recreational center located in the Velenjak District of Tehran, and consists of sports and recreational facilities like Tochal Gondola Lift, Ski Resort, Zip Line, Hotel, and etc.

Tochal Complex           Tochal Complex

Tochal Complex           Tochal Complex

Tochal Gondola Lift

The construction of the Tochal Gondola Lift was launched in cooperation with the French company “Puma” and the Austrian company “Duplmeier” in 1974, and was completed in 1978.

This gondola lift has three main lines and three lines of Chairlift. Altogether, the length of the main three gondola lift lines is nearly 7,500 meters, which is one of the longest gondola lift cable lines in the world. The speed of cabins on the cable car is 4 meters per second.


Ski Resort

This complex has 3 separate tracks as follows.

7th ski resort (Peak)
The track, which runs from the bottom of the Tochal peak (3850 meters) and ends at the hotel (3,550 meters), has a chairlift device (Duplex Meyer). The length of the track is 1200 meters.


7th ski resort (western domain)
This trail is located on the western slopes of Mount Tochak. The unique landscape of the surrounding mountains has given it a special look. The length of the track is 900 meters, with the highest point of 3750 meters and the lowest point of the hotel (3550 meters). This track, also, has a Puma chairlift system.


Ski track from 7th station to 5th station
The length of this track is nearly 5,500 meters, with the highest point of 3,750 meters and ending at a point at the fifth station at 2940 meters.


Tochal Sleigh

Tochal Sleigh is the second Sleigh of Tehran after the “ Tehran Sleight”, and also the longest sleigh of the country. It is located within the complex. Through this game you can ride on the roof of Tehran and experience the pleasant moments.

Tochal Complex           Tochal Complex

Tochal Complex           Tochal Complex

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