Tomb of Hafez

Tomb of Hafez

Hafezieh or Tomb of Hafez is the name of a tomb in the north of Shiraz and in the south of the Qur’an Gate which is the tomb of Hafez Shirazi.

The Hafez area is 2 hectares and consists of 2 north and south courtyards, and these courtyrads are separated by a chamber. This site has 4 gates, the main entrance gate is located on the south side it, two gates on west side and one gate on the north-east of this site.

Tomb of Hafez          Tomb of Hafez

The Hafezia Hall, which is the works of the Zandiyan period, has 56 meters’ length and 8 meters’ width and consists of 20 stone columns, and each of these columns is 5 meters’ length.

Tomb of Hafez

The hall has 4 columns and 4 rooms before, these rooms have been removed from its area. On the east and west side of the Hall there are two rooms, one is belonging to the Cultural Heritage Organization and the other to the Tomb Office. The Architectural style of this hall is influenced by the architecture of the Achaemenid and Zandiyan periods. From a long time ago this place has been the Qibla and the shrine of the lovers. the mystics and famous poets are buried in this area.

Tomb of Hafez          Tomb of Hafez

For the followers of this old man with dignity, visiting his grave is accompanied by ceremonies and ritual traditions, including cleaning themselves wudu (ritual purification), they pull off their shoes beside the tomb, which is a sign of respect and sanctity of the place in the religious culture of Iran. The book of Hazef (Divan) is one of the few books which exists in every Iranian house beside religious books, and everybody read that book, they enjoy it as much as their own understanding.

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