Tomb of Saadi

illustrious Persian poet

Tomb of Saadi

The tomb of Saadi, known as Sa’dia, is the place of residence and burial of Sa’di, illustrious Persian poet.

This tomb is located at the end of Boustan Street and beside of the Delgosha Garden on a hillside of the north east of Shiraz.

Tomb of Saadi          Tomb of Saadi

Around the tomb there are a lot of graves of the privileged religious persons who have been buried there according to their wills. One of the its most important is Shurideh Shirazi, his tomb is connected to the tomb of Saadi by a porch. The tomb of Sheikh Moshrafeddin ebne Moslaheddin Saadi Shirazi was registered on November 11, 1974 under the number 1010.3.

Tomb of Saadi          Tomb of Saadi

At the National Society for National Monuments. The dictionary of Dehkhoda, quoted from the culture of the decisive argument, described the tomb of Sheikh Saadi as a “Gazargah” (passage), and according to the culture of Anandarab, the passage is located near Shiraz near Sheikh Maslaghadin Saadi Shirazi.

The bronze coins of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 2008 have been decorated with the tomb of Saadi. Also, since 2008, the paper money of 100,000 rials were printed with the figure of the tomb of Saadi behind it.

Tomb of Saadi          Tomb of Saadi

In the new design, after the buy and destruction of houses around the tomb, 10395 square meters added to this area. Garden area designed by Iranian flowering, gardening and croft partitioning style.  In the middle of the courtyard there are two rectangular ponds, with a north-south direction on the two sides of the tomb, and another pond is situated in the east-west direction opposite the main porch of the building.

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