Religious Capital of Iran

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Mashhad is the second vast and populous city of Iran after Tehran, and each year more than 27 million tourists visit this city.

The majority of these tourists are pilgrims, who come to visit the holy shrine of Imam Reza, the eighth Shia Imam. On your travel to Iran, this city is available in East Tours of Iran, and has been named as the cultural capital of the Islamic world in Iran.

About four decades ago, Mashhad was the capital of one of the royal dynasties of Iran (Afsharian dynasty). Mashhad’s weather is highly variable and the interaction of different weathers around the city creates a specific climate in each section of the surrounding plains, in a way that the weather is cold and dry in some areas, whereas it is mild and humid in other areas!

There are countryside (Vaylak) and natural attractions near the city, which can be regarded as east tour locations for tourists due to their travel to the eastern deserts of Iran.

There is a variety of hotels and residential centers in this city, which can cover all tastes of tourists during their multi-day stay in Mashhad.

Mashhad is also the world-famous polar of Saffron, which is one of the souvenirs of Mashhad. We can also add turquoise stone and the famous rugs of the city to this list.


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