Tughrul Tower

Tughrul Tower

The Tughrul Tower is located in the east of Ibn Babawayh Cemetery on Ibn Babawayh Street in Rey and is one of the monuments of the Seljuk period. This place, which is also known as the Khalifa Yazid Tower, is protected by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization. The tower is about 20 meters tall (without the cone-shaped dome, which has collapsed during an earthquake).

Tughrul Tower

There are a lot of challenges and confrontations between experts and historians about the buried person in this building. Some see it as the tomb of Tughrul Beg Seljuk. Others considered this place as the site of Khalil Sultan’s burial, son of Timur and his wife Shad al-Malik in the fifteenth century. Mohammad Mohit Tabatabaee, considered the property belonging to Ibrahim Khavas, and he himself was buried next to the tower in 1992, after death.

It is said that one of the features of the tower was its use in dark nights, which served as a guide for the Silk Road travelers, who came from Khorasan to Ray.

Tughrul Tower

Tughrul Tower was restored for the first time in 1301 AH and at the end of the 35th year of the kingdom of Nasir al-Din Shah. The restoration was carried out by the order of the Shah, by the Chancellor Amin al-Sultan and by Abolhassan Khan Memarabashi, and a marble plate were installed on the facade. This rebuilding saved the building from the danger of destruction, but destroyed the elegance of the old works and the monument of the Kofi inscription of it.

After the Iran’s 1979 revolution, the building was abandoned for many years. It was restored in the early 1990s again, and its reconstruction began in the middle of 1998 and ended in the winter of 2000.

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