Urmia City

Urmia City

Urmia is one of the metropolises of Iran, the center of the West Azerbaijan province and in the northwest of Iran, located in the Azerbaijani region. According to the census of 2011, with 667,499 people, it is the 10th most populous city in Iran and the second most populous city in the northwestern region of Iran.

Urmia, with a height of 1332 meters in the west of Lake, is located on the slopes of Sir mountain and in the Urmia Plain.

In the past centuries, there have been many incidents and events such as occupation by the Ottomans and the Russians. The city was once considered one of the business centers of the region due to its proper position among the Caucasus, Mesopotamia and Asia Minor highway. Noghl is the most important souvenir of Urmia.

Urmia City

The climate of this region with an average temperature of 8.9 ° C, in summer is roughly hot and cold in winter. The rainy season begins in late October and beginning of November and lasts until May. The average 93-day precipitation period in this city is 360 mm and the average long-term precipitation in it is 238.2 mm. The frosty days of Urmia are 19 days of November ,27 days of December,30 days of January, 28 days of  February,  14 days of March and 6 days of April. A total of 120 days of the year is frozen in Urmia. The average wind speed in Urmia is 10.5 m / s, which is at its maximum in March and May with 16 m / s, and minimum in January  and February with 7 m / s.

Urmia City         Urmia City

Lake Urmia is a saltwater lake in the northwest of Iran. This lake separates East and West Azerbaijan Province. Lake Urmia is the largest lake in the Middle East and the second largest saltwater lake on the planet. The length of the lake is 140 kilometers north-south and 85 kilometers wide in the east-west direction, with a surface area of 5 to 6 thousand square kilometers.

Urmia City

Noghl is the most important souvenir of Urmia, which is available with flavors of salix aegyptiaca, walnut, saffron, Pistachios and almond. However, salix aegyptiaca Noghl is the most famous type of Noghl in Urmia. This type of Noghl is made with the salix aegyptiaca, which is the product of Urmia itself. Another distillate from Urmia is Dracocephalum that is used in the preparation of syrup. Walnut halva and carrot halva are another souvenir of Urmia.

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