Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar

The Vakil Bazaar Complex is related to the Zand Period, which is located in Shiraz, after the Shahrdari Square, near the Arg of Karim Khan.

The Vakil bazaar has been registered on July 17, 1971 with the registration number 924, as one of the national sites of Iran. The market has three separate architectural features, a passageway (for the passage of customers), a shop floor (up to 2m heights above ground level), a shop space (sales area).

Vakil Bazaar          Vakil Bazaar

The market has five large doors which are located on four sides. It also includes two North-South and East-West corridors. Theses doors have been cut off each other like a cross.

At the intersection of these two fields, there is a four-way which is situated on a vestibule. The four-way has a strong and big arched vault, and several brickworks have been used with Toranj pattern at the foot of the vault. There are also two-story shops square plan on the vestibule.

Vakil Bazaar

The North – South side of the bazaar starts from the gate of Isfahan and continues to the southern streets of the Saraye Moshir. On both sides of this area, there are 41 pairs of shops and at the front of each shop there is a big stone bench, on which there are carved tornaj patterns.

In this market, to prevent moisture and humidity, they have built these shops one meter above the ground level. These shops have closet and they have been designed in two floors.

Vakil Bazaar          Vakil Bazaar

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