Vakil mosque

Vakil Mosque

Vakil Mosque or Soltani Mosque is a historical mosque in Shiraz related to Zand dynasty, which was built by the order of Karim Khan Zand.

Vakil Mosque is located at the end of the sword cutlers district on the west of Vakil Bazar. The mosque has two iwans (vault) plan, and two south and east Shabestans.

The southern shabestan is one of the attractions of this area with monolithic pillars carved in spiral form, which is a spectacular part of this mosque and one of the main architectural spaces of Iran, containing 48 integrated stone pillars.

Vakil mosque           Vakil mosque

The area of this shabestan is about five thousand square meters, and the minbar in this hall is cut from a solid piece of green marble with a flight of 14 steps. This stone was brought from Maragheh to Shiraz under the command of Karim Khan.

On the northern side of the mosque, a large and important arch was built known as the Pearl Arch, one of the suras of Quran is largely and excellently written around the vault in the form of crescent coarse-style.

According to the traditional architecture of Iran, this mosque is located in a social complex, creating a beautiful harmony of relationship between religion and the world. The tilework of the courtyard and northern and southern iwans is also picturesque. This tilework was made in seven colors and in the form of marquetry.

Vakil mosque           Vakil mosque

In “Toward Isfahan” by Pierre Loti, Vakil Mosque is introduced as follows: Today, fortunately I was able to enter Karim Khan mosque. Without a doubt, if I stay here for a long time, I will enter all the places that are completely forbidden for me to enter.

Citizens of this city are very gentle and friendly to me. The Mosque architecture motifs and words are simple, but enameling and green and red colors can be seen everywhere.

This kind of luxury has reached its limit; you cannot find any wall without attentive enameling.  Now we are in azure and turquoise palace.”

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