Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral

The Vank Cathedral is one of the historical church of Armenians of Isfahan, and it was built during the reign of Shah Abbas II.

Vank means monastery in Armenian. The area of the Amena Church is 8731 square meters, which 3857 square meters of this area is covered by building and the rest is green area and the Vank Garden.

Vank Cathedral           Vank Cathedral

There are two reception rooms at the two sides of­ the entrance doors of the vank. At the top of the entrance door, the Bell tower has three floors, on the second floor, there is a large clock, which weighs 300 kilograms.

On the four sides of the tower, four rounded circular clock sheets are installed. The diameter of each sheet is 104 cm. The Bell tower and its watch was donated to the Church by Mardiros Hondaranayan in 1931.

The Amena Porkich Church, unlike the most historical churches which were built with stones, it was built with raw clay. The exterior is covered with bricks, and the interior walls are covered with plaster which are painted and decorated.

Vank Cathedral

The church has two domes; the small dome is located where the people gather there, and the big dome was built on the mihrab (niche) of the church. The height of the walls from the courtyard to the roof of the second floor is 71/75 meters. Inside the church, at a distance of 25.6 meters from the western wall, two square columns are constructed, each of its sideways are two meters.

In the western region of the church, there is a high Chahartaq (four arches), which was built by columns and sidelong walls. The height of the vaults is 10/25 meters. The little dome of the church, which has no height, is located on this vault.

Vank Cathedral           Vank Cathedral

All the walls, vaults, inside of dome, peak of dome, and all the corners of the church are painted and decorated with oil painting.

The most of mural paintings of this church have themes of the Holy Bible, and the pictures from the birth to the ascension of Jesus Christ depicted on these walls. On the part of the walls of the church some events are depicted, such as the resurrection, the judgment in resurrection, Heaven and Hell.

The cost of all decorations, paintings and illuminated manuscript of church has been paid by someone called Khaje, the “Avedik Stepanos”.

Vank Cathedral           Vank Cathedral

The painters were all Armenian masters, including the Khalifa “Hvanes Merkutz” and “Priest Stepanos” and “Master Minas”. In terms of gilding and illuminated manuscript, this church is unique among Armenian churches. Khajeh Odik has an important influence on decorations and mural paintings of Vank Church.

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