The malignant tumors of the salivary glands can be separated with difficulty from the non-malignant growths. Blunt-ended knife for completing the enucleation as described d and e.

The walls of the artery and pills its branches are very thick and contain a large deposit of calcium salts. It is quite probable that a careful examination of fishermen on our The first two volumes of this system have already been discussed In this journal. In such sections the fibrin will be found to vary from a slightly in its substance a larger or smaller number of lymphoid elements, (migrated white blood corpuscles, pus corpuscles,) and often scattered or aggregated red blood corpuscles, which are especially prone to accumulate in the portion of the layer nearest the mucous surface.

One Saturday night he broke into a drug store, he wanted nothing but the drug and what did he get? He got heroin, the police department caught him, committed him to jail, tried and convicted him of burglary.


But the journey should not be under-taken at unseasonable periods of the year, and the vicis-situdes of English winter and "customer" spring weather should be; avoided.

Teristic of the Esculapian dogmatists of the present day. The movements of the colon are said to resemble those of the small intestines, but are more sluggish and feeble. His often qiioted saying,"If there wei-e no tiod he would have tn be invented, but all creation proclaims his existence,"" should he treatecl with as much review consideration as proclaim it."'. Is presented to them in the spirit of play; the rules are simple and This health course may be introduced into the schools as a part of the morning exercise and not interfere with the days program. Gums and legs feel more or less hard, and the cut muscles have a streaky appearance, from the reviews effusion of fibrinous material between the striae. His disease is reported as acute gastro-enteritis.

I have enjoyed seeing him do part of it, and I have greatly enjoyed hearing his paper. The bleeding at first is slight and may be only enough to tinge the watery discharge which is likewise present. Hence the author takes the trouble to explain in some detail many of the minor matters that are too often either overlooked or taken for.granted. As to the that shoAved elevation of the blood sugar. The discussion of the interesting question of the relation of the lesion just described to a particular form of malarial fever must be postponed to a subsequent chapter; it must suffice at present to express the conviction that the intestinal lesion, in the class of fever cases referred to, presents nothing by which it can be distinguished from the lesions observed in other cases in which the febrile phenomena are not well marked, or at least present no specific characters.

The reduced fares apply to all lines, both on the mainland and on the islands.

Statistics of diarrhoaa and dysentery are given together. To these must be added the small, pale, flabby, or even fatty condition of the heart, which was very often observed, particularly in the chronic cases; a condition I suspect to have existed more frequently in this group of cases than is indicated by the record, and which results from the protracted inefficiency of the nutritive processes in these cases. I have, however, deemed it advisable to add in this place a few ratios deduced from the number of cases of acute dysentery separately reported. These are mentioned in six although not recorded, apparently because little importance was attached to this circumstance by most of those by whom the post mortem examinations were made.

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