White Palace

White Palace

The White palace is the largest in the palace complex of Saadabad, which has been renowned for the White palace due to its white appearance. In addition to the administrative and ceremonial affairs of the Pahlavi era, this building was considered the summer residence of the Shah and his wife Farah.

The White palace consists of 54 different units, including 10 ceremonial halls that the biggest of which is the palace hall.

White Palace
The building of the palace, by order of Reza Shah, began in 1931 and ended in 1936 . The palace plan is the joint work of engineer Khorsandi and Engineer Boris from Russia.

Elegant and delicate stucco inside the palace have been made by masters such as Gholamreza Pahlavan, Abdolkarim Sheikhan, Hossein Kashi and Reza Mullahek. Marble rocks are made from mines in the cities of Yazd and Torbat Heydariyeh and the pavement of the floors is done by Professor Lorzadeh.
The exterior facade of the palace is an Iranian-Roman style, with four main pillars in four corners and four lighters, around the central roof. The great curtains with oil paintings, completed in 1941 by the master Hussein Behzad and his students, with the theme of the stories of Shahnameh, which are located around the windows of the entrance hall.

White Palace          White Palace

The grand ceremonial halls of the palace are decorated in a French aristocratic style. The most valuable works of this treasure are exquisite carpets that show the ultimate taste and art of the Iranian weavers. The largest carpet of this palace is 145 square meters and has 140 rows.

On the ground floor, there is a collection of Iranian’s crockery, from the fourth millennium BC to the seventh century AH, as well as crystals of the Qajar period. The Walls of the halls Cover is made up of silk, satin, and taffeta. The chandeliers of Italy, France and Czech-Slovakia are the lighting of the palace’s wider sections, the largest of which has 108 branches.

White Palace

The three Chandelier illuminate the hall of Sofreh Khaneh of first floor,

And also the desk which is located in this Sofreh Khaneh is owned by Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. The White Palace has been built on an area of 2164 square meters, in two floors, at an infrastructure of about 5000 square meters.

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