Wonder of desert city

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Yazd is a historical and dry area with the most astonishing and the most ancient monuments, located in the center of Iran.

Those who are interested in calmness of deserts can enjoy their visit to this region. If you want to use the central tours, do not miss this city. Silence of deserts and starry sky at night are some of experiences of travelers.

Being located in the driest area of Iran, the weather of Yazd is hot and dry in springs and summers, whereas autumns and winters of this region have a humid weather.

The word “Yazd” is interpreted as pure and holy. It also means the city of God and a holy land. This city is usually a part of central tours and is one of the most important cities of Iran for tourists.

There are very famous natural attractions in the surrounding areas of in addition, the remarkable historical attractions of Yazd had added special features to this city.

The total population of the city is 582 thousand, which is very small compared to its vastness.

The most important characteristic of Yazd is its desert architecture. Textile and carpet industry is very active in Yazd, and many tourists travel to this city with the aim of buying cashmere (a kind of exquisite decorative fabrics).


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