Zahedan is one of the metropolises of Iran and the capital of Sistan and Baluchestan province and is located in the south-east of Iran in the Balochistan area. The climate of The city in most times of the year is warm and temperate. Only in the summer nights the weather is cold.
Zahedan is one of the cities in Iran, which has been neglected by the tourists and tourism officials, although this region has many historical sites and many natural attractions in Iran that could be one of the best tourist experiences for tourists.

Due to its tropical climate and architecture of ancient cities of Iran, the architecture of this city is provided by Iranian architects.

Zahedan         Zahedan
During the year, southwest-northeastern winds affect this city, among which the winds of Sistan, which last 120 days in Zahedan, reduce the severity of the city’s heat.

Zahedan is located among the various mountains, like a huge pit. The most important mountains of the city are Ashtaran (height: 3012 m), Anjirdan (height: 2255 m), Jiko (height: 2255 m), Pearl (height: 2221 m), Melksiyah, Lucho and Jacquli Mountains.

Zahedan         Zahedan

The population of Zahedan, based on the Population and Housing census of 2016 by the Iranian Center for Statistics is 587,730, which is the 11th most populated city in Iran.
Handicrafts and foods of Zahedan are one of the most famous in the east of Iran and, like other desert regions of Iran, have been influenced greatly by the climate and features of the desert.

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