Fire Temple of Yazd

Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd

Yazd Fire Temple of Yazd is the maintenance site of the Zoroastrian sacred fire (Atash Bahram), and the Zoroastrian sanctuary in this city. The main building of the fire temple is about 21 meters from the ground, and in the middle of a large courtyard, it is covered with ever-lush cedar trees and pine trees. The image of Fravashi and its stone capitals has created special beauty, and in front of this building there is a pond. The fact that the fire temples are located beside the water has been the characteristics of fire temples.

The capitals of the front hall of the main building and the floral stones of the walls are the works of the Isfahan artists. The artists cut the rocks in Isfahan and then moved them to Yazd. The Fravashi tiles on the top of the portal are the works of Yazd artists, and the whole architecture of this building has been influenced by the architecture of the Persian fire temples. The entrance of the prayers to this sanctuary site has always been accompanied with the practice and rituals.

Fire Temple of Yazd

Including the cleanliness of women and men. To enter to this sanctuary, men must wear white hats and women must wear white scarves and bright colored clothes, and they must take off their shoes. The sacred fire is installed inside a large bronze vessel, and Herbad is a person who is responsible for protecting the fire. The visitors of this fire temple can only view the eternal flame from outside the glass chamber.

Fire Temple of Yazd

The sacred fire of the temple is stated to have been burning about more than 1500 years. This sacred fire was transferred from Pars Karyan fire temple to Aqda in Yazd province. And it was kept there about 700 years, and then in 1173 it was taken from Aqda to Ardakan, and about 300 years ago, it was remained in Ardakan, and it was taken to Yazd in 1934.

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